Ron Rosenes

As a respected community leader and organizer over the past twenty years, Ron has developed his skills in facilitation, strategic planning, organizational and fund development. He is known as an advocate for health equity and social justice working with local and national organizations in HIV/AIDS, healthcare, government relations and the LGBT community. Before turning to the not-for-profit sector, his background was in teaching in Quebec’s pre-university ‘CEGEP’ system and in running his own business. Ron has served on many different Boards at the local and national level, including the AIDS Committee of Toronto, the Sherbourne Health Centre and the Canadian Treatment Action Council. He has applied his fundraising skills to support the AIDS Walk, the Capital Campaign at The 519 Community Centre, and AIDS 2006, the International AIDS Conference held in Toronto. Ron has also been a community leader and volunteer in organizations such as AIDS ACTION NOW!, Canada AIDS Russia Project and the Ontario HIV Treatment Network. Ron maintains his sanity and flexibility through a vigorous yoga practice now in its 13th year.

Ron’s demonstrated skills include:

  • Governance and Board Chair coaching
  • Strategic Planning including workplanning
  • Fundraising and development strategies
  • Group facilitation
  • Public policy and advocacy strategy development
  • Report and grant writing, editing
  • Fluent in French and Russian (written translation into English from those languages)

Ron’s consulting practice capitalizes on the knowledge he has gained over the past twenty years as a community leader working in HIV, health care and government relations into his consulting practice. He has provided services to a number of HIV/AIDS Service Organizations, Health Canada, AMMI Canada (Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease Canada) and the International AIDS Society.

Ron holds a Hon B.A. in French and Russian from Carleton University, Ottawa, 1969 and a M.A. in Slavic Languages and Literature, University of Toronto, 1971. In June of 2012 he was designated LLD – Doctor of Laws honoris causa from his alma mater, Carleton University.


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