John Miller

Since 2002, John Miller has been providing organizational development, policy analysis, partnership development and project management services to small and medium-sized non-profits, to philanthropic organizations and to government ministries working in the social service and health sectors – both in Canada and overseas. Prior to working as a consultant, he served as a manager in the Ontario public service, and before that as an Executive Director to AIDS service organizations and in palliative care. Much of his consulting work has been with organizations working in HIV, in early child development, or with populations such as sex workers, people who use drugs, gay men, and transgender people. John is also an award-winning author of three novels, The Featherbed (2002), A Sharp Intake of Breath (2007), and Wild and Beautiful Is the Night (2019).

Among his demonstrated skills are:

  • Management coaching and problem-solving
  • Board of Directors and Operational Policy analysis and development
  • Partnership development
  • Board of Directors governance improvement and Board President coaching
  • Service delivery problem-solving and planning
  • Strategic planning

John has provided consulting services to a wide range of sectors including:

  • HIV/AIDS organizations
  • Housing and shelter providers
  • Early child development organizations
  • Networks and affinity groups
  • Community centres


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