We are in the throes of an historic period. Black and Indigenous communities have righteously forced a society-wide reckoning with the legacy of white supremacy and colonialism. The differential effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are amplifying a call to action on many fronts, and other social movements are reminding us that oppressive forces are on the rise.

In this bright and urgent lighting, our values statement below reads as insufficient.

Consequently, we are taking some time to deeply reflect. How do we demonstrate a principled approach to our work? What can you expect from a PCNT consultant? Even if as individual consultants we may have clear positions on the issues we are facing as a society and a clear approach to how our services are delivered, we have not done this exercise as a group. Such an exercise is necessary if we are to better articulate what you can expect from us as a network.

At the end of this period of reflection, we intend to more clearly and concretely communicate what our commitment is to you, our clients.

Watch this space. Thank you.


The members of the Progressive Consultants Network of Toronto (PCNT) share:

  • A commitment to social justice
  • An anti-oppression analysis and approach
  • A health promotion, harm reduction analysis and approach
  • A participatory approach
  • An adult-education approach
  • A commitment to excellence


Collectively, we offer services related to:

  • Strategic and program planning
  • Management
  • Governance
  • Organizational development
  • Meeting planning and facilitation
  • Policy development
  • Training
  • Equity policy and implementation
  • Future scenario planning
  • Communication
  • Evaluation
  • Project management
  • Stakeholder consultations
  • Organizational reviews
  • Collaborations and partnerships
  • Fundraising development
  • Change management
  • Research
  • Advocacy
We work with a variety of sectors and organizations, including health, social service, legal, government, human rights, women, international development, immigrant settlement, anti-poverty, education, arts, culture and environment. We work at local, national and international levels.
Each of us has specific expertise as a consultant which is described in our profile.