Jan Campbell

Jan Campbell is the founder and Managing Director of StrategiSense Inc.  She is committed to supporting organizations to develop strategies that increase their overall access, effectiveness, responsiveness, and accountability. Jan has over 20 years of experience as an administrator and consultant including roles within Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, the Scarborough Hospital, Ernst and Young Management Consultants, and the University of Toronto.

StrategiSense’s team of skilled consultants, associates and advisors bring the expertise and experience needed to assist individuals and organizations with developing tailored and lasting solutions.  The StrategiSense team is supported by individuals with skills in data-gathering and analysis, and qualitative evaluation.  We also have the capacity to facilitate dialogue and gather data in a variety of languages through our network of skilled bilingual facilitators and translators.

Demonstrated Areas of Expertise:

  • community-based planning and development,
  • program planning and evaluation,
  • organisational reviews and redesign,
  • strategic planning, and
  • governance and leadership development.

Jan’s clients have included:

  • teaching and community hospitals,
  • community based agencies across health care, social services, education and legal sectors,
  • associations,
  • municipal, provincial and federal levels of government,
  • foundations, and
  • private corporations.

Jan has served on numerous local, municipal and provincial committees and Boards concerned with health and social services and currently serves on the Board of the Wellesley Institute and is a Trustee with the University Health Network. She holds a BSc and an MBA with a specialization in Health Services Management from McMaster University


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